Red Komodo X Specs Pre-Launch

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The Red Komodo X official launch date is May 16 2023 and the white Storm Trooper version will be shipping once the announcement goes live. Here are the Red Komodo X specs that we have as of the pre-launch.

The Red Komodo X is not a replacement camera for the original Red Komodo 6k camera it is a camera that fits in between the Red Komodo and the Red V-Raptor models.

Red Komodo X Top Screen

The new Red Komodo X will be roughly 4 inches wide, 4 inches high and 4.5 inches in length.

In the image below you can see it compared to the original Red Komodo crash cam which is 4 inches wide by 4 inches high and 4 inches long.

Red Komodo X VS Red Komodo Size

It is still quite compact and the new Red Komodo X will also have a locking Canon RF mount, a V-mount battery attachment, it will use CF-Express type B cards with up to 80 FPS at 6K and possibly higher. It will also feature a global shutter much like the original and apparently better audio.

Here is an image showing the Red Komodo and the Red Komodo X in between the smallest Red V-Raptor. The screen size appears to be the same and the wi-fi antenna has been move to the back instead of the side.

Red Komodo VS Red V-Raptor Size

The Red Komodo X will be compatible with the RED DSMC3 monitors

There will also be new expansion modules developed to unlock some extra features coming soon. As far as I know it will not have internal ND filters and as of the pre-launch it is unclear whether it will be the same 6k sensor with faster frames rates available due to enhanced processing power. Or if it is newer slightly improved 6K sensor with better dynamic range.

Also, the price is still up in the air but it is expected to be less than 10K USD. Let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of upgrading. If the sensor is the same I can’t see myself upgrading just for a few of the added improvements.

I suppose if I didn’t already own the Red Komodo, I would probably choose the RED Komodo X if it isn’t much more expensive than the original model. What do you think are the upgrades worth it to you?

Once the launch is announced you can learn more here.

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